Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Journey almost begins

So, In 2 days the journey to Iran begins.
Looking after my sisters kids for 55 days should be quite a challenge, age 7 and 11.... they talk as much as 7/11 :P

This is training for the future , as my mother likes to tell me frequently..... I think its more like a covert operation!

This is where I shall rant and rave, and share my day with friends back home.

tata for now


80 said...

i wana come to iran and bug you =P

Liyana said...

Liyana here.. hihi! Good luck for ur trip dear :)

andazification said...

all the best for your trip.will be following your blog very closely.i wish you splendid times ahead. tc. :-) rishikesh

iridescent orchid said...

thank you allllllllllllll

Alisa said...

hi May, its fabulous to read your blog! Wow, sounds so interesting and diffrent to anything you've done before, raising kids, cooking - go may! whoop whoop! you rock * star, you. luv ya, luv alisa x