Friday, December 19, 2008


So , my little niece Sima has the cold as mentioned before, by now i am a sleepless zombie....

i went to bed last night at 3, and was woken at 6 from a harsh cough( i think thats how u spell it) so went to the doc, got meds, and little darling SIma could sleep a bit.

now, this girl hated one of her syrups, but she managed to keep it down at noon.....

now in the evening, when i had company over ,Azadeh( cousins wife) ,
Sima was unable to swallow her meds and through up in her hands a bit, by then i put my hand under hers , and she PUKED into them... now, i love this child, i would never do that for someone i did not love.......
her sister was chiling on the couch, i had to ask her 3 times to come and help me with a towel or something before this kid got up..... i was soooooooooooo pissed.

the rest of the evening entailed me telling sima i ain't mad at her, tucking them into bed, cleaning the carpet, and entertaining Azadeh.,.....

Anybody wanna swop places???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flue, the kitchen.... and the phone incident.......

Since Sima was kind enought to sneeze on me and give me the cold... I have been tired as hell. LAst night i went out however..... and to top it , i went shopping in the cold..... night lol!!!! then we went into the mountains called darake for a tea and hubbly......... niceeeeeeeeee soooooo
today i woke up and lazed around, and around 4 had this crazy urge to cleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the kitchen.. like a mad women!!!!!! like, every nook and crany . i suprized myself :P i vacumed, moved the carpets and hand cleaned the tiles.... cleaned out the friddge, did the dishes........ cleaned the oven and the stove. to top it off i made a huuuuuge fruit bowl for the kids that they ate during " meet the robinsins"

then came the cellphone....... :D now for those who know me , i am a bit impulsive.... so , the kids said, why is your phone white...... and i said lets change it, we took out my nailpolishes, and voila,,, 3 ppl, 3 colours on the phone well, thenailpolish is drying, the kids are in bed...... and i have been invited downstairs for an all night "gathering" whooo whoooooooooop ( sarcasm ppl, sarcasm ) :P

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

our outing to the park and the cable car point place thing :P

Well, we went to the park!!!! Wohoooooo

Saeid, a friend of mine (married) was kind enough to take the kids and I out for a day: D

We went to the park, which was more like a forest!!!
We walked up hill, and I will say, I suffered from a minor heart-attack lol

The kids played, ran around, it was great, but sima the little devil took off her gloves and scarf, and her tum tum kept peeking out. After many may many comments to her she finally covered up. But toooo late, she got a cold!!!
We then went to the cable car (no clue what its called) and had some hot chocolate and we saw Tehran at night, which was gorgeousssssssssssssssssssssssss.

After which we had some burgers and chips for dinner :D the kids (yes me including) were very happy and full :P

Saeid gave me a present, which is amazing, it is a replica of the human rights that king Cyrus (Persian call him Koroush) wrote, and the original is in the UN building in the US. It means a lot to me to have it

So now I learned how to make my own soup stock and all, cook chicken) including bones, root veg, garlic and all, strain, much, add small chopped carrots, potatoes and noodles, tomatoes and some cubed chicken. And spices, voila!

All under control ;)

Given that the first weeks were hard, now i have my routine and all is good!!!!!

i love walking to the shops and now knowing the ppl, its a nice familiar feeling!

so last week i had a marriage propsal persian style, literally!!
this guy came over with his mom, and some of my family members.
he was ok, just not my cup of tea, tall, handsome loaded... well thast is my cup of tea :P , but seriously, he had no no no nocharacter... except for being very very very concieted and self absorbd..... that makes him unatractive to me!

but it was a great experience... i got a huge flower arrangement, and it was nice to have someone want you.

went shopping with the kids, mina (11) choose me the redest/ pinkest lipstics she could find :P and her sister sima (7)chose black nailpolish for me......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

playing mommy ain't easy

playing mommy ain't easy
I didn't think it would be a walk in the park, but neither did i realize the lack of sleep, the homework i have to " come up with" and the never ending pile of laundry

Plus who knew cleaning could be so so hard!!! yes yes, i have had it good till now.......

well, so far i have cooked :
chicken mushroom cream pasta
beef stir fry
spicy beef pasta
crumbed chicken and chips
and plain pasta
and ordered in once
(these kids looooove pasta)

at the moment i am trying to cope with the climate/season change...... still have some headaches... hope they dissapear soon :P

Today Mina's friend is over, so i made them popcorn, and spme chips and dip..... lol, she is like " my aunty made that" its sooooo cute to see.

tonights plan is EINTOPF, meaning one pot... its a soup the kiddies love :P

What's odd tho is that i forget my words around iranians i don't know..... i siply say everything wrong....... its so so so embarrasing......

the other day i asked somebody for the second product on the shelf, and she was like the name is on it!!!! and i said, sorry, i can't read farsi.... she looked at me with denial.....

well, tomorrow is a busy day, the kids come home at 2:30 and i have to leave with sima for german school at 3:15 latest...............

i miss all my buddies!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the "day to day plan" of the kiddies

for the past 2 days i have driven to the kids school, met teachers, found out where their language schools are, buthcers, bakers, shops......

and tomorrow i will attempt to drive..... GOD help me, they drive like mad......

otherwise, it feels like home :D have been invited to some family functions that i am trying to dodge :P

ohhh, i may be coming down with the flue......... otherwise.... allll good ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Journey almost begins

So, In 2 days the journey to Iran begins.
Looking after my sisters kids for 55 days should be quite a challenge, age 7 and 11.... they talk as much as 7/11 :P

This is training for the future , as my mother likes to tell me frequently..... I think its more like a covert operation!

This is where I shall rant and rave, and share my day with friends back home.

tata for now