Saturday, November 22, 2008

playing mommy ain't easy

playing mommy ain't easy
I didn't think it would be a walk in the park, but neither did i realize the lack of sleep, the homework i have to " come up with" and the never ending pile of laundry

Plus who knew cleaning could be so so hard!!! yes yes, i have had it good till now.......

well, so far i have cooked :
chicken mushroom cream pasta
beef stir fry
spicy beef pasta
crumbed chicken and chips
and plain pasta
and ordered in once
(these kids looooove pasta)

at the moment i am trying to cope with the climate/season change...... still have some headaches... hope they dissapear soon :P

Today Mina's friend is over, so i made them popcorn, and spme chips and dip..... lol, she is like " my aunty made that" its sooooo cute to see.

tonights plan is EINTOPF, meaning one pot... its a soup the kiddies love :P

What's odd tho is that i forget my words around iranians i don't know..... i siply say everything wrong....... its so so so embarrasing......

the other day i asked somebody for the second product on the shelf, and she was like the name is on it!!!! and i said, sorry, i can't read farsi.... she looked at me with denial.....

well, tomorrow is a busy day, the kids come home at 2:30 and i have to leave with sima for german school at 3:15 latest...............

i miss all my buddies!!!!!!!!

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