Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All under control ;)

Given that the first weeks were hard, now i have my routine and all is good!!!!!

i love walking to the shops and now knowing the ppl, its a nice familiar feeling!

so last week i had a marriage propsal persian style, literally!!
this guy came over with his mom, and some of my family members.
he was ok, just not my cup of tea, tall, handsome loaded... well thast is my cup of tea :P , but seriously, he had no no no nocharacter... except for being very very very concieted and self absorbd..... that makes him unatractive to me!

but it was a great experience... i got a huge flower arrangement, and it was nice to have someone want you.

went shopping with the kids, mina (11) choose me the redest/ pinkest lipstics she could find :P and her sister sima (7)chose black nailpolish for me......

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