Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flue, the kitchen.... and the phone incident.......

Since Sima was kind enought to sneeze on me and give me the cold... I have been tired as hell. LAst night i went out however..... and to top it , i went shopping in the cold..... night lol!!!! then we went into the mountains called darake for a tea and hubbly......... niceeeeeeeeee soooooo
today i woke up and lazed around, and around 4 had this crazy urge to cleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the kitchen.. like a mad women!!!!!! like, every nook and crany . i suprized myself :P i vacumed, moved the carpets and hand cleaned the tiles.... cleaned out the friddge, did the dishes........ cleaned the oven and the stove. to top it off i made a huuuuuge fruit bowl for the kids that they ate during " meet the robinsins"

then came the cellphone....... :D now for those who know me , i am a bit impulsive.... so , the kids said, why is your phone white...... and i said lets change it, we took out my nailpolishes, and voila,,, 3 ppl, 3 colours on the phone well, thenailpolish is drying, the kids are in bed...... and i have been invited downstairs for an all night "gathering" whooo whoooooooooop ( sarcasm ppl, sarcasm ) :P

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